Thursday, October 07, 2010

Light as a feather.

Wendy and Tyler of Blue Lily invited us
 to Sundance to take family photos.
I didn't know it, but it included a turquoise bed, white bedding, gray skies,
vibrant fall leaf colors, a little rain, and feathers.  Lots of feathers.
We met Wendy and Tyler and their assistant, Nate at the lodge and then drove
about 15 minutes away to the middle of nowhere to a cozy bed.
We took some beautiful photos of us snuggling and laughing and at the
end of the session when the weather was colder and the light fading,
Tyler brought over his knife and slit each pillow 
at the top exposing the feathers.
Then they asked us to have a pillow fight.
You didn't have to ask my kids twice.

After, we drove to the cafe at Sundance for hot chocolate and suckers.
 Oh, by the way, Sundance makes my favorite brownie in Utah. 
They have a name that I don't remember, but I just call them 
"It's worth the drive brownie".

 The leaves are beautiful right now and the weather is divine!
It's actually perfect weather.  
The evening was really fun, thanks Wendy and Tyler!

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