Monday, March 17, 2008

Life as I know it.

Life as I know it:
  Ruptured tonsils, naked children, blended food, Vitamix, hungry husband, 
blood, ER trips, intubation, stomach pumped,
pain meds, waiting rooms, changing the sheets,
canceling dinners & plans, weak body, lots of computer time, 
surgery, tears, and constipation.  
Yes, I think that summed up the last few days of my life. 
 Happy St. Patrick's day. 
 Once my mom told me that while she was pregnant with me, 
she thought I was going to come out a boy. 
 Then she said, If I was a boy, she was going to name me Patrick. 
That's about as St. Patrick's-y as I'm getting this year.

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