Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Recovering Fine.

Mr. Nielson had a tonsillectomy today and
here is the minute by minute of the event:

9:15: Leave for the hospital.
9:30: Fill out papers.
9:45: Surgery prep.
9:46:  The children and I patiently sit in the waiting area 
while a nice lady lets us pet her dog
 (Except I am not sure she knew we were petting
 the dog since she was blind?).
10:00: I watch The View on the hospital TV waiting room
while the kids threw bouncy balls around
which probably made the nurses very nervous.
10:04: We were escorted to the pre-operation recovery room #7 
and greeted Mr. Nielson who was in warm footies with a surgical cap on,
 and wrapped in blankets, with an IV. 
 Oh, and his face was green.
10:12: Mr. Nielson becomes very anxious learning her has a needle
stuck in his arm.
10:14: The children begin playing with the surgical gloves.
10:29: I tell Jane to stop wrapping herself up in the partition curtains.
10:31: I try to stop Oliver from pushing his cars down the hospital hallway.
10:32: I try to catch Nicholas before he wanders into another hospital room.
10:33: Then we got kicked out.
10:35: I kiss Mr. Nielson and say goodbye.
10:36: We are escorted out.
10:45: we leave the hospital and head to GrandMary's house 
where I drop the kids off.
11:30: I head back to the hospital.
11:50: I sit in the waiting room and read These is My Words 
for the 3rd time by, Nancy E. Turner.
2:30: I pick up Mr. Nielson in the recovery room.
2:35: I get instructions from nurse Julie who laughs when she tells me
that Mr. Nielson pet her head while she was administering pain meds.
He also said a few questionable things.
I laughed.
3:30: Mr. Nielson is discharged and Julie
 exclaims as we are wheeled out of sight:
"What happens at Mercy Gilbert Hospital stays at Mercy Gilbert Hospital!"

Then I asked Mr. Nielson who was totally incoherent with
 Lortab and other anesthesia in his bloodstream
what else he did while I was out of his sight.
He laughed.
Of course, he has no idea.

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