Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ceiliúradh For St. Paddy's Day

Breakfast this morning included Irish steal cut oats and Irish caisc'in
(wholewheat bread)....oh, I'm sorry, my Gaelic always seems
to jump into my conversations on St. Patrick's Day!
Sometimes Mr. Nielson calls me Arwen, (that guy!)

Tonight, for dinner, my Irish lassies ate green Irish tofu, 
Irish rice, Irish bok choy,
Irish snap peas, and caithiseach (delicious) Irish green beans.
It was an all-green delight tonight!
Lassie Claire made a little note and taped it to
our front door as a warning to our comharsa b'eal dorais 
(next-door neighbors)
to beware because a sneaky Leprechaun who is on the loose
and will turn anything he touches green.

Tonight, St. Nicholas ran around lomnocht (naked) 
to celebrate his non-Irish heritage.
Whether it's St. Patrick's Day or not,
he does this all the time anyway.

a'dh m'or ort!

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