Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Lights in the world.

As a family we are discussing the President Nelson's 

"Stand out; be different from the world. 
You and I know that you are to be a light to the world. 
Therefore, the Lord needs you to look like, sound like, 
act like, and dress like a true disciple of Jesus Christ. 
Yes, you are living in the world, but you have very 
different standards from the world to help you avoid the stain of the world.

With the Holy Ghost as your companion, you can see 
right through the celebrity culture that has smitten our society. 
You can be smarter than previous generations have ever been. 
And if you are sometimes called “weird,” wear that distinction 
as a badge of honor and be happy that your light is shining
 brightly in this ever-darkening world!"
It makes me weepy thinking about how amazing my children are.
They try hard, they listen, and they are most importantly
creating a personal relationship with Christ.
They know Him, they trust Him, and they are on His side.
My job is to keep teaching them about the Savior, 
to keep on loving and nurturing them while creating a warm home
where they can learn and grow and become
"steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works".
I believe that this is the season in my life to focus 
everything I am and have to my children;
my time, energy, and effort is for them.  They deserve it and they need it.
And I know I will never look back on my life and wish I hadn't
spent so much time in our home raising the children.
And really when it all come down to it,
 I think they are pretty fun little people to have around,
(except on Friday evenings from about 5:00-11:30 when 
I need alone time with Mr. Nielson).