Monday, September 03, 2018


Happy Labor Day!
I don't know who was more excited about not having
 to go to school today, me or Lottie.
I was looking through old photos and saw this pic of Mr. Nielson
help Jane get ready for Halloween in 2009.
Wrapping gauze and bandages have practically become second nature for Christian.
In this photo, he is using the extra wrap that was leftover 
from my long stay in the hospital.
(And we still have medical supplies from those days 10 years ago).
Christian's been wrapping wounds since 2008
and is still wrapping up occasional sores,
(like right now I have one on my ankle).
This picture makes me feel so much love for Christian.
He kept our family lives afloat then;
feeding us, packing kids lunches, helping with homework,
bathing us, dressing us, shopping for us, decorating the house,
and wrapping us up in gauze, in bandages, and in arms.
And also I miss Jane at that age.
I guess I'm feeling nostalgic tonight. 
Autumn always seems to do that to me.

Happy September!

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