Friday, August 31, 2018

First Day of School 2018

The Little Nies have successfully attended their first whole week 
of SCHOOL here in North Carolina!
Going back to public school has its qualities--and its drawbacks.
On Wednesday morning, Lottie told me she didn't want to go to school
 anymore and wanted to do mom school.
I told her she needed to try her very best for one week and then
we would talk about options.
I know she loves her teacher and friends but hates leaving me.
I remember feeling the same way about my mom when I was little.
I have no doubt that she will do fine.
She and Oliver are my most social children,
they must get that from me.  
Just kidding.

After the first day of picking Lottie up at school, I decided 
she needed to buck up and ride the bus. 
 The carpool line was a mother's nightmare.

I am still using and supplementing The Good and The Beautiful
 math and reading programs with Charlotte and Nicholas
which has been so helpful!
And the Little Nies are finishing up classes on BYU-IS
 which has been an enormous blessing to us while we lived on the ranch.  

Claire Elizabeth-11th grade
Jane Bronwyn-10th grade
Oliver Christian-8th grade
Nicholas Jones-6th grade
Charlotte Christiansdatter-1st grade

Socially, the Little Nies are doing great and integrating well.
  I knew they would.  
They are bright children with a light inside them that just radiates out.
I am so proud of them.
Angus and I enjoyed our first whole week in a quiet house...
well, I did anyway.

Angus didn't know what to do with himself; I think he's been
a little depressed, wondering where all his friends went,
and has taken to following me around the house all day. 

Besides my bottom lip turning into a GIANT COLD SORE,
we are going to enjoy our weekend to the fullest.

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