Wednesday, September 05, 2018

The most delicious chocolate cake EVER

"The Lord has declared that missionary work is
 the responsibility of all who follow Him.
Matthew 28:19–20; D&C 88:81
When we experience the blessings of gospel living, 
we naturally want to share those blessings with others. 
The Lord spoke of the joy that comes into our lives when we share His gospel.
After His Resurrection, the Lord commanded His disciples to
 “go … and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the
 Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” Matthew 28:19." 

I love missionary work because I love the Lord.
  I love to share with others the glorious blessings I've received by
 following Him and having faith in something larger and
a plan much smarter than anything I could (or anyone could) come up with.
I've found peace in Christ- especially during my hardest trials.
Recently I was given the assignment in my church
 congregation to be a member missionary.
That means I assist our full-time missionaries in seeking out and 
inviting others to come and see what 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has to offer. 
 But at the same time I realize (as MRB said:),
"As powerful as our message is, it cannot be imposed or forced upon people. 
It can only be shared—heart to heart, soul to soul, spirit to spirit—
by being good neighbors and by caring and showing love. 
We need to be watchful for one another and reach out to one another. 
And as we do so, we will radiate the gospel in our own lives, 
and it will radiate to the people the blessings the gospel has to offer."

Just last week Jane was called to be my companion 
as a youth member missionary.
She is a light and force for good.
We attended a missionary meeting where together we made goals
about how we can be better neighbors, friends, and examples of Christ.
You know when you have eaten the most amazing
dark black chocolate cake with delicious thick chocolate buttery frosting
and then you realize it would take sooooo much better if you shared it with
every single person you know--and the ones you don't know too? 
 That's how I feel about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Do you want the missionaries to visit you?
Go HERE to find a companionship to come to visit you- they are
seriously EVERYWHERE.
Remember, that these young missionary souls
 are serving the Lord on their own dime.
They are leaving their families, schooling, and career opportunities to find YOU
because they want you to have a giant piece of that chocolate cake, too!
There was a time when once those missionaries were
 my dad, my mom, and my in-laws too,
 (Norway & Southwest US, St. Louis, Ohio),
my own brothers and sisters,
(Peru, Chile, Finland, Spain, Canada, Puerto Rico, England missions),
my husband, (Kentucky mission).
 And now those missionaries are my nieces and nephews 
(the Dominican Republic, Canada, 
South & Central America, Russia.
 And soon (sniff, sniff), they
will be my own children (sniff, sniff, sniff).
Millions of people have had their lives changed by talking with the missionaries.
 All over the world, Mormon missionaries share
 a message of happiness about
 God’s plan and the divine mission of Jesus Christ.

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