Thursday, September 06, 2018

Seasons and Change

My friend and fellow North Carolinian (is that a word?),
 texted me and asked how I was doing.
I told her honestly that I needed some change- in the weather.
It's been about 96 degrees with about 93% humidity for what seems
like 100 years.
 I think I'm suffocating.
If it wasn't so darn beautiful here, it might really be hard on me. 
As I see photos of siblings and friends back in Utah, they are
 wearing sweaters and the leaves are changing on the mountains.
 I started to feel a little anxious about my own autumn.
She gave me some good advice after my Debbie Downer text:
"Stephanie, you know how the first day of fall is September 20,
and the first day of winter is December 20 etc etc?  
NC weather literally follows that calendar.
 So fall is right around the corner!! 
Then we can bring the tea bin out of the pantry again, 
and enjoy it until March 20th."
I like the sound of that.

Why is it that I am so connected with weather and seasons?
Why do I need change so badly?
And why am I so drawn to children's storybooks about seasons?
Looking back on my life and childhood everything wonderful
 and memorable was connected with the weather.
Swimming, boating, sleepovers on the tramp,
and Lake Powell in the summer.
Leaves changing, school starting, new school supplies, new clothes,
warm days/cold nights, smoky air, and spotting the first
snowfall on the mountains in fall.
Skiing, hot tubs, car rides, Christmas lights, fireplaces,
Christmas music, Hygge,
drinking tea, short days, everything cozy, cooking warm meals,
and boots in the winter.
Fresh flowers, colors appearing, school winding down,
and the smell of dirt,
rain- lots of fun, chilly rain in the spring.
As summer takes her last breaths (I hope), we are hoping to squeeze
 every warm moment we can outside.
 I made tin-foil dinners, and along with friends, we cooked our
dinner on the warm, open fire.

I asked Lottie to take a few photos of everyone there.
This is what I got:
Amazing job, Lottie!

 It was hot and humid- but the company was fantastic
and the food is delicious.

(Hurry up, September 20th!!!!)

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