Tuesday, July 10, 2018

This ain't no Summer camp.

This morning the Little Nies and I drove from one end of 
Durham to the other end of Chapel Hill getting supplies and groceries
for my Summer campers.
  Clane will be attending girls camp today until Saturday, and the
 boys are headed on another Scout camp-out later this week.
I feel like we get one big event done and another begins.
But I guess that's the way we want it to be--a summer packed
 full of outside adventures and endless memories.  Perfect.
But secretly all I want to do is take the children back to the beach 
where we can relax on the hot sand and listen to the waves endless rumble.
Perhaps when all the summer youth camps are over, Mr. Nielson 
and I will plan on a quiet family weekend.

We did manage to catch a afternoon movie though.
The Little Nies are Jurassic Park fans and liked the movie. 
 I on the other-hand did not, but lets be real: I am not very fun.  
And to be honest, I also fell asleep- just like I do with every movie
I go and see.  I think I'm really 87 years old.

Lastly, I want SO bad to type a scathing letter to West Elm 
because I just bought a house full of furniture a month ago and, well, 
they have the WORST service in the whole wide ginormous world.
They are very VERY good at over-promising and under(under)delivering.

There I said it, and I feel better.