Thursday, June 14, 2018

Getting out.

Today was more of the same:
 Unpacking boxes (found my kitchen aid!),  
laundry (a few months worth from living in suitcases)
doing a ridiculous amount of dishes 
(lots of orange dust inside bowls and pots from the ranch).
and sweeping the floor over and over again after 
Angus chews up old u-haul boxes (it gives him something to do, 
so I allow it--he's still a puppy after-all).

Dr. L prescribed me some medication for my phantom pain
 and I needed to pick it up at the pharmacy, plus my family told
me that it was time to get out of the house.
I don't mind working and moving from project to project and could
do it all day long without getting tired or hungry, (or cabin fever).
 I don't mind staying at home for days and days.  
In fact, I LIKE doing that.
I know, I know I moved to a new state, I should be out exploring,
but all I want to do is put stuff away.  
I want everything to have a home, it just seems right.
From experience I have found that 
we all live healthier and happier with a clean and organized home.
That is why I am called the homemaker-
it's what I do, it's my job, and I am good at it.
(Now would everyone just LEAVE ME ALONE and let me do it!
Hah hah, just kidding.....but not really).

But we did manage to get out this evening
and drove to our 12 acres of land in the country.
We found turtles, a stream that runs through the property, 
mushrooms of every color, hobbit holes, pink Mimosa trees, 
wild blackberry bushes, and and we each experienced
the joys of ticks (noooooooooooooo!!!!!!).

With windows down and Angus in the back of the truck,
we took in the humidity mixed with a heavy dose of freshly cut hay.
I do love it here- we all love it here.