Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Today was, well, it was normal.
I mean, I still unloaded about 80 bazillion boxes, 
but I went to the grocery store, then came home and listened to
 Ella Fitzgerald while making dinner.
Just like old times.
The Little Nies are adjusting wonderfully.
For the next week, I am letting them sleep in and do whatever 
they want with their days because the following week they 
will be super busy with summer camps and youth activities
But for now, the boys run around the neighborhood and explore 
the wooded forests near the house, which I am calling "The Harlow House."
The girls write in journals, organize rooms, and unpack boxes.  
They also help me around the house and make me laugh.  
They reminded me of me and my sister Lucy when we were that age.
Lottie sits at her little red table and draws, or she rides her bike 
with Angus following close by, and yes, I let her watch movies too
when it is extra hot and humid outside.
Mr. Nielson works while I enjoy homemaking at its finest.
After dinner tonight, we walked in the thick woods near our home.
The boys caught frogs and fireflies while we walked and discussed 
upcoming adventures and, dare I say it-SCHOOL.

These are beautiful days, slow
 and busy all at the same time,
and I love it.

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