Wednesday, March 28, 2018

NieNies Roadies Day 6

The Little Nies have been anticipating the beach
 since we made this epic RV trip.

 They knew it was going to be cold, and we wouldn't be 
making sand castles and eating a picnic on blankets with 
swimming suits--but they didn't care.  Neither did I!
Mr. Nielson drove the RV following behind J & C and kids to Wilmington,
North Carolina.  I hear it's been unusually cold here, but we didn't
mind either way.  It was lovely just the same.
One thing I love about the Atlantic Ocean is that it's
not actually freezing cold water- I mean, it's cold, but not unbearable.  
Our family loved when we'd go down to shore in Jersey,
the beach water was always pleasant.
And in the end, the boys still went swimming in their undies with Angus. 
 They couldn't help themselves.

The North Carolina beaches have loads of shells that have just washed up
 everywhere you look- beautiful shells.  
We collected a few to take
 home to friends and to put in jars for our bedrooms.
I am LOVING the RV, with Cruise America and so I've
 gathered a few tips for next time
to make the trip a little more comfortable.
1. Don't pack strawberry's to put in the fridge.
It maybe very tempting, but every time someone opens up the refrigerator,
it smells like farts and that gets really really old.
2. If you bring your dog, don't visit the beach unless you
bring a small dust buster.  There is sand everywhere on the floor, in our shoes,
in our beds and blankets, in the shower, in our underwear, in our bags, 
and sand in our toothbrushes.
3. Triple the amount of towels you think you will need.  Trust me.
4. Bring a small basket to place in a corner of the RV
 to put shoes in.  We have a no shoe policy in the RV
and make the kids take their shoes off when they come inside.
And wish we had a central area where they all reside so when we stop
for food, or site seeing, the kids all know where to go to find their shoes.
5. Pack wet wipes, Clorox wipes, and extra grocery sacks for garbage and
treasures (like shells).
Somehow mysteriously, Lottie's Birkenstock's are missing.  
Sadly we think they fell out of the RV somewhere between Missouri
and Illinois when we stopped for dinner.  
We have been searching for them for THREE DAYS, 
we did however find three pairs of men's underwear,
two mismatched socks, and a moldy bar of soap
 (from the previous RV renters) exciting!
We stopped at the USS North Carolina to tour the battleship.
It was fascinating and super cool and I went away with an extra
amount of patriotism.  
Sometimes in large crowds of people, Mr. Nielson pretends
to propose to me, and it is super funny.
Sometimes we do that and it totally embarrasses the Little Nies,
even though they take our photos doing it.
We went downtown Wilmington where we had lunch and ice cream.
I also bought a book about the ghosts that haunt the historical
areas of Wilmington. Did you know about the ghost sightings there?
It's going to be a page-turner for the 1000 mile trip back home in a few days.
Here is Dr. Craig Mangum, one coolest men I know- 
in Claire's sunglasses.
We said good by to J & C and drove further south to the Outer banks 
where we spent the night.
In a few days, we'll be back to to Durham to spend more time with J & C
before they go to China for spring break, and we head back to the west.

*  * * * * * * *
Teachings from RMN:
"Though we don’t know all things, we know that God lives
 and that He loves us. Standing on that firm foundation, 
we can reach up and find strength to endure the heavy burdens of life."