Thursday, June 29, 2017

My birthday (36)

My brother Steve nick-named me "Cubby" when I was born
because I looked like a little cub bear.
I felt it was appropriate to eat my birthday breakfast at Cubby's in Provo.
* * * * *
I am officially 36 years old, and the day was officially the best!
I woke up and hiked the Y.  The morning was beautiful, 
and it felt good to move my body and feel alive.  
I came home and all the Little Nies and Mr. Nielson were waiting
 for me in the kitchen with a sign. 
They clapped for me and sang Happy Birthday.
Also my birthday itinerary included:
Albion in Salt Lake City for new swimming suits.

Temple Square to see the temple, take photos, and meet the missionaries.

Costco for much needed groceries (and flowers).
Long nap on my bed with Mr. Nielson.
Picked up my cake at Sweet Tooth Fairy (MEGAN is the best!!).

Lottie got a cupcake for her best friend Ada (we share the same birthday).
Open a gifts (Thank you Roolee!).
Dinner with Mr. Nielson
Swimming outside
Car ride with Mr. Nielson
Movie in bed.
The End.

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