Monday, June 28, 2010

29 here I come.

This is my birthday cake.
Hold the phone, take a long look again.
Is that so beautiful or what?
And it was sooo scrumpdiliumptious.
Megan brought it over and presented to me in Sweet Tooth Fairy fashion.
And it brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face.
But, lets back up.
I actually turned 29 in the hospital- in the exact same place I was born in.
The ER docs and nurses made me a card and sent me home to enjoy my day.
(Nothing too urgent to have to spend my special day in-thanks Dr S. Katie...and Jill)
I slept in until 10:00.
Mr. Nielson had made my favorite for breakfast-french toast and you bet I reminded
everyone I didn't have to do anything (make anyone food, dress, or wipe any bums)
on my special day.
Then I met with my hero. Elder Holland.
We talked and he blessed me with more strength to keep living-keep fighting and praying.
It was what I needed, and all I wanted for my birthday.
I took a looong nap and had a lovely dessert party at my parents home with my brothers and sisters. They sang for me, and oohed and ahhed at my new special neck.

(Dad, Mom, Jane, Claire, Me, and Christian in Provo, Ut
EmersonMade flower pin)

Thank you to my sweet husband for writing a blog for me and giving me the opportunity to read sweet notes from you. I am overwhelmed. I love you all.
I also received boxes of the prettiest of pretties from EmersonMade. A beautiful shop. Emerson and her charming husband make gorgeous hand dyed and stitched accessories.
I wore a beautiful Blue blossom to try and hide my hideous neck...didn't work.
Check out the site, the photographs are beautiful. You will fall in love- I am warning you! But just know, if you do order something they ship in the most beautiful yellow boxes.
Very charming.
EmersonMade has just started her own clothing line, and darnit, I want just about all of it.