Friday, June 30, 2017

Swimming and Sewing

My girls wore their swimming suits all day.
Before the sun was up, they jumped in the pool;
they jumped in the pool and swam before lunch and again before dinner, 
and then one more time after dinner for a night swim.
In between swimming, they read books, colored, painted, and Jane sewed.
Then Jane decided to make a skirt for herself. 
 I suggested she make one for Lottie first to make sure she liked the
 design and she could see the level of skill required.
She agreed, and Lottie was thrilled!

Jane went to my fabric stash and found two darling fabrics to use for
a cute little skirt with big pockets.
Looks like she'll be making one for herself in the next few days,
(and maybe one for me, too!).
Now it's 9:30 pm, and Jane is still hard at work...
and still in her swimming suit.

Happy Weekend! Hooray!
Spiritual Enlightenment: Make the Exercise of Faith

PS. My beautiful birthday cake was destroyed by a couple 
of little girl mice:

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