Monday, March 06, 2017

Six Cow Grandma

On Friday night Mr. Nielson called me from the
 road somewhere to tell me he was on his way home.
He has been at the ranch since Monday.
I was expecting him home 
Saturday evening, so you can imagine how excited I was 
 to hear he was coming home to me. 
He crawled into bed late Friday night (or early Saturday morning).
I think I slept really well for the first
time since he left last Monday because as I recall, I woke up really happy. 
It's so nice to have him home.
Six calves (so far) at the ranch have been born! 
I kind of feel like a grandma.
I mean, I was present for the beginning and feel like the whole 
process has come full circle.
Christian will be back to the ranch in a few days and I will take the kids
 down the following week to see the remainder heifers deliver their calves.
The Little Nies can hardly wait.  
And you better believe that each of the six heifers have names already.
You know, names like Oreo and Milkshake.