Tuesday, March 07, 2017

I Love Technology...

Last night Mr. Nielson and I decided to dedicate our family counsel 
(Family Home Evening) lesson and conversation about social media and phones. 
 We also wanted to discuss how addiction can happen 
when we use and abuse our phones too much. 
We talked about what addiction is and why it's essential to
 understand that addiction isn't just a word that goes with drugs.  
Addiction can be associated with a lot of things like food, work, sports, 
even exercise, and we are seeing it more and more with 
phones and social media with people of all ages.
I told my children how frustrating it is to see kids disengage from each other 
and melt into their phones, where they 
find solace and acceptance with basically a robot.
I finished the evening by explaining to my kids that just because 
Christian and I were teaching the lesson and sharing insight about the subject, 
certainly doesn't mean we are perfect; we are far from it!
I am disgusted at myself sometimes when I just plop my phone onto
Lottie's lap when I need to get something done, in the car, or when she is bored.
I am instilling in her that she can go to her phone whenever SHE is bored.
I am teaching very unhealthy practices to my 4-year-old!
I am not going to do that anymore!

So basically, I told them that this lesson was just as much 
for us as it was for them, and
we are working together as a family to change behaviors and habits 
that we have formed because of our phones and social media.

I have to say, The Little Nies are actually quite good on their phones; 
meaning they are off their phones. 
I am very strict about them using phones at social events
 and around people- they are not allowed.
Last night, we challenged the Little Nies to always have a purpose 
when they get on their phones and
If they don't have a reason (check their e-mails, 
text a friend, do a school assignment or a quick social media sweep), 
then they should stay away and fill their time with something worthwhile,
lasting and engaging.
Our rule is that they are not allowed on their phones if they are bored.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has good tips
and ideas to help parents navigate these challenges.  
Especially this manual

After our discussion, Jane made a killer 
pineapple upside-down cake for dessert. 

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