Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Elevation Killer

 (Even though I am at the ranch, I can still chat!)
* * * * * *
Today I helped assist Mr. Nielson and his amazing AI 
expert Amanda as she used long pink gloves to
artificially inseminated the heifers.
We only got four cows done since the others were not totally 
ready- or in other words, not in heat.
The hormone shots Mr. Nielson administered will have them
ready in the next twenty-four hours, and then will be ready to try again.
(I am really good with the clipboard).
This is such a process.  I am amazed at the amount of hard physical work 
(and math) that is involved with this job.  
(I knew I should have joined FFA in high school!).
Mr. Nielson broke two ribs last week and has been such a champ
dealing with the pain and pushing through it.  I love him.
Twice a day each day, Mr. Nielson feeds the cows a delicious nutritious mixture 
of alfalfa, corn, molasses, minerals, and water.
Also, I only spotted two snakes today.
One was slithering out of some farm machinery, 
and the other I almost stepped on as I was walking to the barn.  
We took the Little Nies into town to pick up some groceries 
for the rest of the week and on the way they fell asleep.
It's truly exhausting up here.  
The elevation is a killer and the sun is unbearable at times, 
but at night everyone sleeps so well.  
Bedtime is really one of the best parts of the day.  
We open our bedroom windows wide and fall asleep absolutely beat.
As I type this a little storm is rushing in- there is nothing better than
falling asleep next to my cowboy listening to the wind howl outside.

Happy JUNE!