Thursday, June 02, 2016

Time Standing Still

Mr. Nielson took us on a fantastic ATV ride around the ranch.
We inspected some water tanks and the windmill, 
and Lottie slept for 45 minutes in my lap.
The ranch looks stunning, with white grass under the vast blue sky. 
But late summer is even more breathtaking.
At dusk, I cooked a mix of vegetables, wild rice, and herbs in tin foil packets
at the fire pit on the hill behind the ranch house.
It was a beautiful night!
These are the memories I hope will last long with my children. 
I pray they will never forget the unity and togetherness we felt. 
I hope they cherish the connections we made and 
recall our heartfelt prayers to God, thanking Him
 for our blessings and the beauty of the country that surrounds us.
I'm convinced that time stands still here at the ranch; it's so magical!

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