Friday, June 03, 2016

Lizard Whisperers

As I type this, I am surrounded by several
 jars and jugs with small creatures living inside.
I hear them scurry and buzz around in their metal and glass jars. 
It's like a science lab here in the ranch kitchen.
Lizards, snakes, desert beetles, and as-big-as-your-fist black wasps. 
 At one point, the boys had caught a tiny field mouse, but she was 
dissected into pieces by the barn cat, Raja, on the back porch.

The boys, especially Nicholas, can spend hours patiently waiting
 to capture little critters, especially lizards. 
Today, they caught thirteen lizards to show me their hypnotizing trick. 
They carefully and lightly stroked the lizards' 
beautiful blue and green tummies, and within seconds, 
the lizards fell into a trance. I don't know how 
the boys learned this lizard trick, but it's the craziest thing I have ever seen.

Before sunset, I ensure my sons release their pets. 
Come morning, it starts again.  

Spiritual Enlightenment: "I Was a Stranger"

Happy Weekend!!

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