Monday, November 21, 2016

Mother Ginger

 This weekend my girls, my sister Lucy,
 her daughter Betsy, and my Mom attended
 The Nutcracker Ballet here in downtown Provo.
It's not the holidays unless the The Nutcracker is part of it (I always say).
It was a darling performance with beautiful dancers, but the
VERY best part of the whole performance was seeing my brother Topher,
(who as you may know, has ALS) play "Mother Ginger"!
Topher is pretty much full-time in his wheelchair, and told us that it 
took three men to lift him up to sit high in costume/dress.
I am so proud of him, and have loved watching him beat
his disease by continuing to live and do the things he loves to do
in the face of his limitations.  
He really truly amazes me.
After the performance, we met up with Topher and his daughter Margaret.
 His beard was bright pink and his lips were a lovely shade of red.
Lottie wasn't sure what to think.  
(I love you Toph, and am constantly amazed by you!)
* * *
On another note, Oliver is doing much better recovering from
the dreaded Chicken Pox. 
He was pretty heartbroken when I told him he needed to stay home from school
today, and probably tomorrow too. (Not).