Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer on the Ranch day 5

 It was a good day at the ol ranch.
No snakes...yet and more hot hot sun.

In the afternoon, after lunch and once the sun hid behind the clouds,
 Ollie and I decided to try and put a stop to the prairie dog towns
 that are infesting the ranch.

These varmints are eating the grass and ruining the open range where our cows graze.
Oliver and I conjured up an idea: we would (go to Dairy Queen) 
and buy smoke bombs, then we would throw the bombs 
in the prairie dog holes and see what could happen.
Well, nothing happened.
It was a pretty cool idea and we had loads of fun trying.
Other memorable activities today included:
taking photos in front of the barn flag 
that Mr. Nielson and I painted a few years back.

The boys catching more bullfrogs, lizards, and crazy looking bugs.
Lottie loving on her favorite cousin Margot.
Swinging on the porch swing (Nicholas looking like he is dying).

And finally, our night ended up on top of the hill with the fire pit.
We sang songs, roasted marshmallows, lit sparklers, and took awesome pictures
as seen in the following:

Happy weekend to one and all!!

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