Monday, August 03, 2015

Ranch 2015 Day 5 & 6

Hiking, swimming, eating, painting, quad riding, snake hunting, gun shooting, 
barn dancing, and braid making took up the weekend. 
Here we go:

Aunt Alice braided Lottie and cousin Margot's hair. 

I still spend an insane amount of time on my paint by numbers.
 I am becoming anti-social:
 Lottie holds a dead rattlesnake:

Then she fell asleep in my arms while swinging in the barn:

The cousins pretend to be pioneers and make a big pot of vegetable soup.  
(Come to think of it, I am pretty sure that pot of soup is still outside.  
They never ate it because it was taking too long and they wanted to go swimming...
remind me to get that tomorrow).
Lottie tries pushing Jane in the water hole:

Mr Nielson sleeps:
 The younger cousins perform "The Wizard of Oz" in the barn 
before we all ripped it up on the dance floor. 
I haven't sweat that hard in years. 

I am typing the post from a very quiet Ranch house.  
Everyone has gone home except for my little family and the Boss and Mary.  
We will enjoy the gorgeous ranch a few days more. 
Before we said our goodbyes, we had the family sing-a-long, which we 
moved inside because of bad weather.

Sunday we attended church.  It was wonderful, humbling,
and uplifting.  I was very touched.  Ir's important for our family to never miss 
going to church on the Sabbath day no matter where we are.  That is the beauty of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; anywhere in the world
on Sunday, you can find a meeting house and go to church.
  It is the same service in Utah as it is in New Mexico 
as it is in Denmark and Japan.  Cool hu?