Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer on the Ranch Day 4

Today was hot. Super hot.
The Boss asked us to head into the village to get more gas for the 
wheelers, so we all popped in Old Red and drove the dusty road to Dairy Queen.
Dairy Queen is also a firework shop, a gas station,
 and the best gift shop in New Mexico.
We got fireworks, ice cream, and a surprise for my brother Topher.
I also got myself a fantastic shirt with a coyote, along with a  Snickers. So yum.
Upon returning to headquarters, we were sweaty and dirty 
(mostly from sitting in Big Red),
so we all ran to the water tank, where we jumped in. 
It was freezing. But worth it. 
1, 2, 3....smooooooooooch

Evenings here are my favorite.  
Everything cools down, and the ranch glows.
Mr. Nielson and I took a walk under the big sky and
 both commented about how grateful we both are for God in our lives, 
and for this country, we are privileged to live in.
Everything in our lives points to God, and we recognize His hand in
 everything we do and everything we are.
Being here does something for my soul, and I really like it.

No painting today.  
I better get going if I want it done by the time we leave!

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