Thursday, May 26, 2016


"That one time Christian brought a cow head home from the ranch"
Part 1

Christian calls Stephanie on the phone as he is driving home from the ranch.  Both audibly excited to finally reunite after ten days of being apart.
Christian:    I will be home in about five hours!  I am so excited to see you!  
                    I have a surprise for you, it's a cows head with horns, 
                    I think you'll love it.

Stephanie is picturing this cow head and smiling.

Stephanie:    I do love those!  I think those are so Georgia O'Keeffe!  
Christian:    See you tonight darling!  Bye!
Stephanie:    OK, drive safe sweetie, bye!

----------the next morning----------

Cow head sitting on some rocks outside in the backyard.  Stephanie sees the head, cringes and walks into the office where Christian is.

Stephanie     Wait, is THAT the head you brought home? 
(Stephanie is pointing out the window)
Christian:    Yes!  It's cool hu?! 
(Christian is smiling really big)
Stephanie:    Wait, but it still has eyeballs...does it still have its brains?
(Stephanie is disgusted/shocked)
Christian:    Do you want me to take it back to the ranch?
Stephanie:    Huhhhh,  ya.
Christian:    Ok.  Have you seen the rattle snake I skinned and brought home?

The End.