Monday, May 23, 2016


Christian had planned for us a delightful little overnighter at the 
Waldorf Astoria in Park City. 
You know, he has been at the ranch for almost two weeks
 (welcome home honey! Nice beard).
When we were thirty minutes out of town Christian unveiled our destination,
and it was overcast as we drove up Provo canyon.  
The mountains are turning up spring with delightful colors of green.
We pulled up to the beautiful hotel and got checked into our room.
The minute we entered our room we opened our balcony doors and didn't shut them-
even when a massive lightning/thunder storm hit.
The storm couldn't have been more welcomed.
It made things cozy and romantic.
We quietly dinned at the hotel restaurant enjoying delicious food 
like truffle french fries, quinoa beet salad, and homemade desserts.
I love my children; but eating slowly and quietly is so satisfactory.

Also, while away I constantly got text messages from the Little Nies.
I finally had to silence my phone.
Here are a few favorites with captions:
"Can we please keep him?" 
"Mom, show dad"

"Mom, look at this cool photo- and look at my hairrrr"
"Mom, when are you coming home? I think I have allergies"
"Mom, look at this.  I am walking downstairs with Claire's phone."
"Mom, I am trying an experiment and put that one in salt water.  It's grown like 10 inches already."  

 "Mom, what monkey do you like best?"

 "Mom, Lottie is eating Cheetos again" 

* * * * * *
If you are from out of town, or are headed to Park City,
Check out the Waldorf Astoria- you will 
probably thank me in your head the whole time.
And remember to silence your phone.

  I really wish I could get away like this every month...