Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring driving

 Sometimes Mr Nielson, the Little Nies, and I just hop in the car and drive.  
We don't have anywhere to go, we just drive around our gorgeous 
(growing) city and look out the window.
The weather has really been nailing it lately and we can drive around
 with our windows down.
I love looking at homes old and new-in fact, when Mr. Nielson and
 I were dating that was one of our favorite past-times together.
I think it always will be.
Then we came upon this magical scene and I made Mr. Nielson stop.
A midget pony in a green field with blossoms raining from the tree above.
It was pretty gorgeous.
Once we stopped the car Lottie popped out and the little pony
 (who looks like it just trotted out of the movie Willow
came right up to her. It was pretty adorable.

(Thanks to the residents of the gorgeous property for making
 barefoot Lottie so very very happy).