Monday, April 18, 2016


 Yesterday we celebrated my Mom's 71st birthday.  
We call Mom "Umi." 

I had my parents up for dinner after church where 
Lottie was kind enough to "share" 
her unicorn and rainbow balloons left over from her birthday.
(But really.  She was mad that I even mentioned it).
After dinner, we met up with all my siblings at my brother's house, and
we went around the room, sharing our favorite things about our Mom.
I said: 
I love Mom because she taught me to love and develop
homemaking skills.  She taught me how to set the table, wash clothes,
and grocery shop.  Most importantly, she taught me the importance of 
teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my home.
I love being a mother and a homemaker because my 
mother instilled that love in me. Thanks, Mom. 
My children and Mr. Nielson are grateful. 
And one day, my grandchildren will thank you. foot IS NOT FRACTURED!  Just sprained.  
I totally can walk around now.
My brother said that my injury is called "I need attention-itis." 
Honestly, I am so glad for my good health!

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