Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Beautiful Girl

Mr. Nielson has been at the ranch since Monday, and while he's gone, I've
decided to deep clean my basement.
I am getting rid of things, organizing papers, and going through files.
I've come across love letters Mr. Nielson has written me over the years.
I also found this photo tucked away in his old scriptures, which showed
me wearing my new engagement ring.
When I began dating Mr. Nielson, several people told me I was
not the type of girl he usually dates, so they didn't take me seriously.
Like his past girlfriends, I wasn't blonde, I didn't have long hair,
I wasn't tan, nor did I have a solid career path.
I also didn't know that in High School, his favorite band was INXS
which was a huge part of his identity back then.

During the early days of our relationship, Mr. Nielson took me 
to his apartment's kitchen, where I met one of his roommates. 
Mr. Nielson introduced me as his girlfriend.
The roommate looked at Mr. Nielson with a smirk and 
laughed as if he had heard a hilarious joke. 
I felt angry and wished I had punched him in the face.

The roommate then turned to Mr. Nielson and asked, 
"Wait...that's the girl you're dating?" 

Mr. Nielson replied, "No, that's the girl I am going to marry."

I smiled happily at the thought of a happy future with Mr. Nielson.

Mr. Nielson knew I was hurt by his roommate's comments and walked over 
to me where I was sitting (on his stinky couch) and 
began singing in my ear, "Beautiful Girl" in a fantastic Michael Hutchence voice.

That night, when I got home from his apartment, I noticed
 he had sent me an e-mail:
"Beautiful Girl,
I've never felt this way in my whole life-
I spend every moment thinking about you.
My greatest desire in life is to make you happy.
 I can't get enough of you. 
I love you more than you will ever ever know.
 I never saw that roommate again, and we were engaged a few weeks later,
AND I've been hooked on INXS ever since.

* * * *
(Chatting today)

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