Thursday, April 07, 2016

Spring Break 2016- final day

I have two cold sores on my big fat lips that are rocking my world.
I always ALWAYS get them here at the ranch.
It's the sun and it's also a Clark thing. 
Tomorrow we will pack up and leave for home.
I am leaving a few Little Nies here with Mr. Nielson.  
He has a few more jobs to do around the ranch and needs
to make sure the heifers are taken care of until he comes back in a few weeks.
A few of the children want to stay in paradise a little longer. 
I need to get home.
Tonight I put Lottie to bed sick, and that always make me so sad.
I need to get her home, plus we are going to be 
celebrating her 4th birthday
(which was actually April 3rd, but she doesn't know).
This morning we packed 14 lunches, sunscreen, and a few cushions 
in the back of Old Red and drove to a place on the ranch where
hundreds of years ago we know the Zuni Indian tribe once lived.
We explored and discovered beautiful painted
pottery and arrowheads in the bright red soil. 
I was really excited about the gorgeous little canyon we hiked into. 
I could have stayed hours longer and hiked further
but the kids were tired, and we were wearing cowboy boots
(and Ollie in full combat gear).
Also, the littles were exhausted and ready to head back to headquarters. 
Nicholas got home, dumped out his treasures on the table,
 and then fell asleep on the stool.
This summer, I totally am going back to explore more.
I've called this spot "Fannys Canyon" after, well, me.
I was called "Fanny" growing up, another one of my hundreds of nick-names.
"SteFANNY", get it?  Plus I used my Fanny pack this whole trip to
hold my cold sore medicine, my phone, and tissues for all. 
I have to tell you how much I love Amy P. Bingham.
Someday I will dedicate a whole blog post to her
because I could go on and on and on.  
Thanks Amy, for sharing your family with us on this
epic ranch trip. Lets do it again soon.

 Goodbye Ranch!