Thursday, April 07, 2016

Spring Break 2016- Final Day

I have two cold sores on my big, fat lips that are rocking my world.
I always ALWAYS get them here at the ranch.
It's the sun, and it's also a Clark thing. 
Tomorrow, we will be packing up and leaving for home.
 I will be leaving Claire and Ollie here with 
Mr. Nielson who has a few more jobs to do around the ranch
before coming home.
I tucked sweet Lottie into bed last night; the poor thing felt sick. 
It's time to head back home now, 
as much as we've enjoyed the late nights and sunny days here. 
Hopefully, she starts to feel better; we will celebrate her 4th birthday
when we return home, even if it's a little belated. 
I don't even think she'll notice.
We spent our final day with the Binghams by preparing 14 lunches, 
bringing sunscreen, and packing some cushions in the back of Old Red. 
Then, we drove to a spot on the ranch once 
inhabited by the Zuni Indian tribe hundreds of years ago.
 While exploring, we stumbled upon some stunning painted pottery 
and arrowheads buried in the bright red soil.
We drove to the canyon, and the scenery was breathtaking. 
 Amy and I were especially eager to explore every inch of the trail 
and see what hidden gems lay ahead.

The rock walls towered above us, and the colors of the rocks were magnificent. 
We stopped at a few overlooks, taking in the stunning views of the canyon below.

I could have spent hours exploring the canyon's beauty, 
but we had to turn back. The kids were tired, 
and we knew we had to return before it got too dark.
Plus, we were wearing cowboy boots, and Ollie was in full tactical wear.

Also, the littles were exhausted and ready to head back to headquarters. 
Nicholas got home, dumped his treasures on the table,
 and then fell asleep on the stool.
This summer, I'm definitely returning to explore more. 
I've named the place "Fanny's Canyon" after myself.
What do you think, Boss?
I was called "Fanny" growing up, another of my hundreds of nicknames.
"SteFANNY," get it? Plus, I used my Fanny pack this trip to
hold my cold sore medicine, phone, and tissues for all. 
I have to tell you how much I love Amy P. Bingham.
 She's an amazing person, and I love her so much 
that I could talk about her endlessly. 
Amy, thank you for sharing your family and this epic ranch trip with us. 
I had a great time and can't wait to do it again soon.

 Goodbye Ranch!

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