Friday, April 08, 2016

Shadows Together

I am home.
Spring break is over.
I drove the lonely nine-hour drive home with 
a sick Nicholas, a sick Charlotte,
 and a helpful Jane who took care of their needs since I couldn't.
Bless Jane Bronwyn!
Claire, Oliver, and Mr. Nielson are back at the ranch finishing 
up last-minute work and will be home Saturday night.
Minutes after pulling up to Fox Hill,
 I put Lottie in the tub, threw a load of dirty clothes in the wash, and
then made a smoothie for dinner.  And now I am dreaming 
about how good my bed will feel.
This is the only photo I have of me and Amy together at the ranch. 
I wish we had taken another picture of just the two of us. 
On Sunday afternoon, before dinner, we went for a walk across the prairie together. 
We both noticed a cool old pinon tree, and I took a picture of our shadows. 
Despite having thousands of photos of our children, 
ranch activities, the gorgeous landscape, and our husbands, 
we don't have any of just us together. 
But I'm certain that the memories of the trip will be etched 
in our minds forever, with or without photos to prove it.

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