Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Spring Break 2016 day 3

Today the boys caught sleepy lizards, and played pioneers,
and the little girls jumped on the trampoline 
under the blue New Mexico sky.
Mr. Nielson did some welding.
Oh, I wore socks with my sandals and a fanny pack.
The fanny pack pretty much changed my life...Genius!
After lunch, we all piled in "Old Red" and drove to the outpost close to town.
We each got ice cream and enjoyed looking at the amazing treasures
that one can buy at this outpost.  It's mind-boggling, really.
I won't comment about how we left a child and realized he wasn't with
 the gang for about 5 minutes.
We reunited with him, no hard feelings, and all is well on the range.
Poor Nicholas gets up for the day and gets ready but
can't make it past the door.
He falls asleep putting his boots on, he is so weak and achy.
Poor dude.
Doctor suspects strep.  Tonight Mr. Nielson and I drove into town in the  
deep dark night to pick up an anti-biotic and the pharmacy was closed.
So we got a coke and drove home commenting on the 
amazing amount of sparkly stars that shine here at the ranch.

 Day three: thumbs up.