Monday, April 04, 2016

Spring Break 2016 Days 1 & 2

We began our Spring Break adventure today!
We hit the road with our buddies and neighbors, 
(basically family), the Binghams.
After almost 9 hours of driving, we arrived at the 
ranch in New Mexico, where we'll spend a whole week
 having fun and making unforgettable memories.
One great thing about visiting the ranch in the Spring is that the cooler 
weather means snakes are less active, 
so we can explore without worrying about them.
(Fingers crossed).
Over the weekend, our families
were deeply inspired by the General Conference.
Of course, I made our traditional Dutch Babies for breakfast.
We made a comfy little area in the ranch house where we 
all could kick back and watch the conference. 
The next 10 hours were filled with uplifting guidance 
from our Prophet and church leaders. 

In between sessions, we walked down to the feedlot
 to check on and feed hay to the heifers.  
The Little Nies started naming each of them.
 I was trying to remember the names they chose because they were
so funny, but could only remember "Sparkles".  
 (Lottie and Ada are BFF's)

Can't wait to enjoy the next few days here in the
wide open spaces with these wonderful friends!
(Great Pic Aim)
 Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.
Nicholas has been sick the entire trip. He feels good for about 1 hour, 
then retreats back inside for his PJs and Legos. It's been heartbreaking.
I hope he feels better tomorrow.

On April 3rd, Lottie turned four, but we decided to keep it 
quiet and will celebrate when we return from the ranch. 
I can't believe how fast she's growing up!

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