Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Spring Break 2016 Day 3

Today, the kids caught sleepy lizards and played pioneers,
and jumped on the trampoline under the blue New Mexico sky.

Mr. Nielson did some welding.
After having lunch, we all hopped into "Old Red" and drove to the outpost 
aka The Dairy Queen, which is located near the village.
We indulged in some delicious ice cream and loved browsing the unique treasures 
that one can purchase from this outpost. 
It's truly a mind-boggling place. 
I won't elaborate on how we accidentally left one of the children 
behind and only realized it after five minutes of driving off.
However, we reunited with him, and there were no hard feelings. 
All is well on the range now.
Well, I am not all well:
Poor Nicholas gets up for the day and gets ready but
can't make it past the door.
He falls asleep putting his boots on; he is so weak and achy.
Poor dude.
Our doctor suspects strep.  
Tonight, Mr. Nielson and I drove into town in the  
deep, dark night to pick up an anti-biotic, and the pharmacy was closed.
That was a huge bummer.

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