Wednesday, October 14, 2015


*Mr. Nielson and I will not be chatting tomorrow on
like we usually do on Wednesday mornings.
But will be available to chat next Wednesday from 10-noon MDT.

Mr. Nielson and I have some pretty great friends
who have started an amazing line 
of mens activewear called Rhone.  When I say amazing, 
I mean like Mr. Nielson could live and die in these clothes.
I think he has a slight obsession.
Chances are if you ever run into him, you'll see him wearing Rhone.
Like when I took this photo of him last night
with Jane at her first-ever violin concert.  (Go Jane!)
Or the day before when we visited my brother Topher on
the set of his new play The Bride of Frankenstein (more on that later).

 I could go on and on and so I am sure you get the idea.
I am happy to announce that Rhone is launching a pop-up store in NYC
set to open on October 15th! 
(This is especially exciting if you live in NYC!!)