Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Mr. Nielson and I have some pretty great friends
who have started an amazing line 
of men's activewear called Rhone.  When I say amazing, 
I mean, Mr. Nielson could live and die in these clothes.
They are comfy, handsome, comfy, and very handsome.
If you ever run into him, chances are, he'll be in his Rhone.
Like when I took this photo of him last night
with Jane at her first-ever violin concert.  (Go, Jane!)

Or when we visited my brother Topher on
the set of his new play, The Bride of Frankenstein.
I am happy to announce that Rhone is launching a pop-up store in NYC
set to open on October 15th! 
(This is especially exciting if you live in NYC!!)

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