Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Sib love

I dropped the Little Nies off at the library yesterday.
It's a deal; they browse the books and I get to shop at the grocery store alone.
(I love grocery shopping....and love it more alone!)
And then I decided that I am really loving this stage of life I am in.

Nicholas had a few hard days at school and before he and
Oliver left for school this morning, we pulled Ollie aside and told him
to sit with Nicholas at lunch today.
I was so relieved after school when Nicholas told me how happy he
was when Ollie came over to the younger grade lunch area to eat with him.

Claire told us tonight at dinner that she and Jane were getting teased 
because they always kiss each other on the cheeks in the hallways at school.
Some of the kids (and teachers) didn't know they were sisters.
I laughed. 
I am so grateful my children have each other. 
 They have been through some hard situations already in their little lives.
But they know that as long as they have each other, they have enough.
Friends will come and go- but siblings are forever.