Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Family Wedding

After my niece Lindsay's wedding ceremony, we took a few photos
of my family.
This photo is classic because I'm pretty sure
 I counted 5 members of the family
(including the groom, Keaton) with eyes closed.
Also, Mr. Nielson's eyes could very well
be closed, except he had his glasses on.
I love Lindsay's beautiful, unique wedding dress!

My siblings and I gathered at Chipotle and ate a little something
before the dinner/reception later in the evening.
(The Nies call it "Chippes").
I really do love it there and was pumped
 when they finally finally made their way to Orem, Utah.
Good 'ol Orem.
I love being with my family, but
anywhere we go with Topher is guaranteed to be a good time.

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