Monday, September 07, 2015

Wedding Dreams

(Cousins Phoebe, Jane, Claire, and Lydia)

This photo was taken over the weekend at my niece Lindsay's wedding dinner.
It was cute to see my daughters and their cousins watch the
 happy bride, their older cousin, Lindsay, while
dreaming and talking about what they are going to do at their 
future weddings, like the type of wedding dress they want,
the flowers in their bouquets, wedding cake flavors, and cake shape,
 and even the month they want to be married.
Growing up, I had a wedding folder where I put ideas that I loved
for my someday wedding.
I used some of the ideas for my big day, but mostly
 I just wanted to get married without all the hoopla.
In the temple where we were sealed forever,
 I was ready to make solemn promises to both God and my husband.
 I knew that I was committing myself to a lifetime of love, 
unity, and spiritual growth.
 I wouldn't change one minute of my special day.
Not one.
We didn't have the best photos, cutest cake, or fancy name-places.
But what I had was what I wanted, and what I wanted
I believe was most important.

(I love you, Mr. Nielson)

I am speaking at The World Congress of Families on
 October 30th in Salt Lake City, Utah
along with Russell M. Ballard and other powerful 
speakers and presenters.  
You can learn more HERE
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