Monday, June 30, 2014

I was very very happy

Thank you for your kind birthday wishes!
I am pretty sure this year will be my best yet.
I took this photo of myself because I wanted to always remember 
that the day I turned 33 I was very very happy.
After lunch {at Cafe Rio}, me, my dad, Mr. Nielson, and the Little Nies
{Minus Lottie who was asleep back at Fox Hill with my Mom)
went on a little hike among the gorgeous mountains by my house.

 Then I found this cute photo of Claire in my phone.  
Her selfie looks almost exactly like the one I took of myself (above)

 It's good to be on the earth celebrating another year.
It's good to have loved ones who called me, texted me, 
visited me, etc etc.
I am a blessed lady, and I will never forget it.


And also, thanks to Megan for making me this delicious raspberry lemonade cake.