Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I worked today

Tonight the spring weather brought an evening bike ride.
Mr. Nielson put Lottie in the Yepp and we rode down to my brother Matt's
 house to pick up our children.
They all flock to his house because Aunt Katy has endless otter-pops 
and jell-o pudding snacks.
Mr. Nielson demonstrated to me how the Yepp can become
 an awesome carrier in a few easy steps.
Check it out:

Today I took Lottie over to Aunt Megan's house all day long so I could
get my yard work done.
It got it done and Lottie took a great nap at Meggy's house.
I am so so so exhausted and beat.  
The dirt felt so good in my hands and it feels so 
nice to have a body that can function normal again.
I still have pain, and hurt (right now, I kind of want to cry a little bit)-
but I was able to work, and that feels so good.

I am working on a linking people.  I want to have a page
about everybody I know.  So far I have only written about a few siblings,
sister in laws, and nieces.  It's going to be a fun HUGE project since I have
a thousand family members!!
* * * * * *
Our Madsen bike is awesome!!!
Hey Jared, when decide to make a red Madsen, can I be the first
to have one?? ;)