Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cindy Mom's birthday and hunchie.

 Today is my dear mother's birthday.
She lives in St. Louis but will be moving close to me in July.  
It will be nice to have her close again.
I love you Mom, and hope you have a wonderful birthday!!
Remember this picture?
This was us in Arizona right before that horrific 12 hour surgery for a new neck and 
30 day stay in the Arizona Burn Center. 
 Remember that? Remember hunchie?  Wow.
 Remember my neck looked like THIS?  HOLY COW!!!!!!!
To be fair, this was me about 48 hours after surgery, and Mr. Nielson said that this photo was considerably better than what it looked like right after the surgery.  
I hope there are no photos of that. Yikes.
But, since it's your birthday, go ahead and laugh at this photo. 
 It is pretty funny, and awesome at the same time.
Remember Dr. L. is one of the best doctors you ever met? 
 He is awesome and serious and not serious at the same time.  
Remember when you took me to his
his office to have more saline added to hunchie?
I was despondent in pain, and drugged and you guys laughed at me
because I was crazy?

We have certainly been through a lot together you and I.  
Thanks for being my mommy.
Happy birthday!!!
I love you,

-your Cubby.