Wednesday, August 03, 2011


{Photo by Bluelily}

I woke up this morning feeling lazy.
Still wishing I was sailing along Utah Lake (or anywhere) with
my family and Mr. Nielson.

Tonight, Mr. Nielson and I took the family for a Cafe Rio picnic by the river.
I lay on Mr. Nielson's stomach while the children played Indians.
I listened to that river (and his breathing) gushing down the way and I began feeling
melancholy for several reasons:
My life feels like that river rushing around before me-fast.
I don't want my children to grow up.
I don't want these lazy afternoon's to go away.
I want my parents around forever.
I want my family living close by like they are now.
...and so on.

But I am grateful for my life. So grateful!
I just love where we are at- whatever my health concerns are.
It is good-hard sometimes, but lovely.

Today I was grateful for:
Jane explaining to me her wish to fly when she dies (like her father)
Claire helping Ollie out of the tree he was climbing.
Making Nicholas start laughing while he was crying.
Mr. Nielson for fixing my garbage disposal!!

***Do you love the picture of my children (above)?
It was taken by Bluelily Photography.
Check out their upcoming photo tour.
See if they will be by you.
They will do pretty much anything you want.
They are amazing.***