Monday, May 09, 2011

Fresh Spring Air

My weekend was full of sunshine, planting, gardening, lawn mowing, 
 root beer drinking and our annual Kentucky Derby party.
I loved {almost} every single minute of it. 
I mean, there were a few challenging moments, specifically when
a pipe in the chokie (a little storage room in the downstairs basement) 
flooded, leaving close to two inches of indescribable mess and smell. 
Thanks for cleaning that up, Mr. Nielson!
Our Kentucky Derby party was so much fun! 
The weather cooperated completely, and so many
friends and family had come to celebrate with us, 
and some even wore big hats!
But I have to say,  my favorite part 
of the party was prepping the house inside and out next to Mr. Nielson!
I love doing anything with him!

 My favorite day of the week has to be Sunday, 
and today, after church, we took the Lil Nies for a car ride,
and they stuck their heads out the window taking in the 
fresh spring air!  Ahhhhhh!  

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