Wednesday, August 03, 2011


{Photo by Bluelily}
I woke up this morning feeling lazy wishing I was sailing on Utah Lake
 (or anywhere) with my family, and Mr. Nielson
 Tonight, Mr. Nielson and I took the family for a Cafe Rio picnic by the river. 
I lay on Mr. Nielson's stomach while the children ran around and played.
Then I began feeling melancholy for several reasons:
My life feels like that river rushing so swiftly.
I don't want my children to grow up.
 I don't want these lazy afternoons to ever go stop.
This may sound morbid, but I don't want my parents to ever die.
 And, I am grateful for my life. So grateful! 
I just love where we are right now- even with pending health concerns,
I am totally completely happy and grateful and I don't want anything to change.
Today I felt grateful while Jane explained to me her wish
 to fly like a bird someday. (She sounds just like her father).
I felt grateful as I watched Claire help Ollie out of the tree that he was climbing. 
I was grateful when I was able to make Nicholas stop crying
by making him laugh.
And it was watching Mr. Nielson fix the garbage disposal.

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