Friday, January 14, 2011

Clark Family New Years Evening Party

Clark New Year Evening Dinner Party
January 1, 2011
My house.
Dinner * Entertainment * Mini Concert *

{The family gathers around the dining room table for homemade dinner:}

*Vegetable soup
*Orecchiette Salad with radicchio and gorgonzola cheese found here.
*Fresh green salad with homemade bread
*Cold frozen fruit with lemon

{Each sister had a unique hand-crafted (by yours truly) headband to wear.
We had to welcome in 2011 style of course.}

{Left to right; Megan, Lisa, Page, Lindsay, Katy, Cjane, and Lucy-missing Suze}

{Hot wheel competitions- Katy schooled everyone (check out her expression), however,
Mr. Nielson prevailed and we won movie tickets. Until next year. Maybe my hands will be even better and I will smoke everyone. (It needed a little hand coordination)}

{Topher played a few New Year inspired pieces on my out of tune piano.
After we all sat down and as couples wrote our goals for:
next year-2012, 5 year-2016, and 10 year-2021.
On the top of my list every year-
To have a baby.
A new Nielson cherub to cuddle.

{Andrew (or Andre, as we call him around these parts)-the other host,
places drinks of all kinds on the dinner table}

{I donned a party headband as well, but I mostly was behind the camera or refilling
beverages. Just like a good hostess should do.}

{the little guests- who are still"attached"-Freddie -2 weeks, and Maria, 6 months}

{We had a fantastic evening. Drinks were polished off, dinner gone, and the dessert- burned. Yes, its true. Mr. Nielson came to my rescue and whipped up some brownies. I guess I was laughing too hard at something Topher was saying that I let the molten cakes burn.}

Weekend inspiration here.{Beware of the cunning plan of the evil one}

Good: Having a ski weekend
Bad: Bumped my shins on the car runner. I have a bruise and a cut. But when you have paper thin skin- that is not so good. fyi: I may have said a naughty word when it happened.

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