Friday, January 14, 2011

Clark Family New Year's Dinner Party

Clark New Year's Dinner Party 
January 1, 2011, 6:30 My house
with Dinner, drinks, and dessert
 Entertainment with Mini-Concert!
For Dinner, I prepared and served:
*Vegetable soup 
*Orecchiette Salad with radicchio and gorgonzola cheese
*Fresh green salad with homemade bread 
*Cold frozen fruit with lemon juice
I handmade each sister a unique New Year's headband,
and they all were so kind and actually wore them throughout the night!
After Dinner, we had a Hot wheel competition with a pair
of movie tickets as the prize.
Katy beat everyone out except for Christian, who won!
 Congratulations, honey!
This game reminded me that my hands just aren't what they used to be!  The evening would NOT be complete without a piano concert by Topher, who
played a few New Year-inspired songs on my out-of-tune piano. 
After, we all sat down and, as couples, wrote our goals for 
the next year: 2012; in five years: 2016; and in ten years, 2021!!!
On the top of my list each year, I wrote:
 To have a baby.
My very own new baby Nielson cherub to cuddle.
Andrew, whose nickname sometimes is Andre and who was 
the other host of tonight's party, provided the 
non-alcoholic (obviously) drinks, and they were DELICIOUS!
I donned a party headband, but I mostly was behind the 
camera taking photos, refilling beverages, and holding 2 week old Freddie.
Freddie and his slightly older cousin, Maria, were our little guests tonight
since they're still "attached."  It was such a fun evening!
I hope and pray this is a good year full of healing, growing,
family time, and wishes coming true!
(Or at least a few of them come true!)

Weekend inspiration here
{Beware of the cunning plan of the evil one} 
  Good: Having a ski weekend. 
Bad: I bumped my shins on the car's running board.
Now I have a fantastic bruise and cut, which is a big problem 
when you have paper-thin skin.

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