Monday, January 03, 2011

A love note to my birthday boy Ollie/and to Dr. Jensen

To my baby boy Oliver Christian Nielson, 
You were born in New Brunswick, New Jersey on January 2, 2005. 
You were the first baby I had on my own bed at home. It was wild!
You were born on a very quiet Sunday. You had pink skin and blue eyes. 
You had a very cute nose and perfect ears. 
 You came without freckles of course, but now when I see you in my mind's eye,
 you have light brown freckles that dot along with your nose and cheeks. 
Your sisters Claire and Jane were in love. I was in love!
The day after you were born, New Jersey was hit with a giant snowstorm.
 We all stayed home eating food, playing, sleeping, and mugging on you. 
 Daddy's work was canceled for almost a whole week!! 
It was perfect timing! 
You grew up fast, and when you turned one your hair turned curly in the back. 
You loved me, a lot. Now you still love me a lot,
 but you have other favorites too (Jack, Van, Lucy R.). 
Now you are a big six-year-old boy!
I played your favorite lullaby tonight and in your sweet mickey mouse voice, 
you sang out loud and you made me cry.
That song reminds me of Arizona and when you were a little boy.
I used to sing it to you.  Back then you were practically a baby!
 We would lay down at night in your little big boy bed that faced the lemon trees outside
and I would tickle your back and sing to you. 
Tonight, I tickled your back like I always do, and this time you sang it to me:
"Go to sleep now, my darling
I'll try to keep the bad dreams away
Breathe now, breathe easier
And I'll think of all the right things to say
Because we made you, my darling
With the love in each of our hearts
We were a family, my darling
Right from the start
Grow up now
Please, don't you grow up too fast
And be sure
To make all the good times last
Because we made you, my darling
With the love in each of our hearts
We were a family, my darling
Right from the start"
(We love the Ryan Tanner (and here) version from the
I love you, sweet Ollie.

And a very Happy Birthday to Dr. Mark Jensen!!! 
 A few favorite stories about Mark:
Dr. J (Mark) and Dr. L. were working on hunchie back when Mark was a 
resident at the Maricopa Medical Center in 2011.
And to cut to the chase, I almost died (again- yep I have 9 lives),
 and when I came back to earth, the first person I saw was Dr. Jensen.
 He looked really concerned and worried. 
Then he told me that he thought I was going to die and was so glad I didn't.
What a compassionate man!
Then the next day he brought me Oreos with fresh raspberries 
in my hospital room.  What a guy!
When Christian and I first met Dr. Jensen in the clinic, 
Christian called him "Elder Jensen". 
I was super embarrassed. But Mark truly looked like a clean-cut, 
YOUNG Mormon Missionary. It was an easy mistake!
Dear Mark, you know I think you are so amazing. 
 You are caring and compassionate, and I feel so honored to be one of 
the many you have cared for!

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